AES / Doovac DWV 400
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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

AES / Do
ovac DWV 400

Technical Data   DWV 400
Nominal Displacement  50Hz l/min 335
Nominal Displacement  60Hz l/min 4000
Ultimimate Pressure 50Hz/60Hz mmHg 680
Motor Version 50Hz/60Hz Three Phase 230/400
Motor Version 50Hz/60Hz Single Phase 230V/220V
Nominal Motor Rating kW Three Phase 0.75
Nominal Motor Rating kW Single Phase 0.95
Nominal Motor Speed 50Hz/60Hz Min-1 2850/3430
Sound Level  dB(A) 62
Operating Temperature (Ambient) ºC 40
Sealing Water l/min 1.9
Weight Approx 50Hz/60Hz KG 20

  • Reliability

           High quality material, quality control according to ISO9001, CE, Mark authentication standard, automated 
           machining facility, computer control process, etc. Guarantee standardized and accurate product 

  • Environmentally Safe

           Air cooling, low vibration and low noise level, using mechanical seal in order to stop leak of water allows
           this pump to be used in any environment.

  • Easy to service

           Structure is simple with air-cooling type, use of anti-corrosive material, no consumables, This pump is
           can be using long period to easy maintenance.

  • Miniaturization

           This is simple type spindle of flange motor connect pump impeller & cylinder directly and cooling type used with 
           cooling fan. This pump is small size and lightweight. Vacuum Packing Machine, Medical Steam Sterilizer,
           Vacuum Concentrate Machine, Vacuum Dryer.

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